Jan Hawke

Title: Manager

A veteran of the insurance industry, Jan joined the team in November 1999 when Orion was under the name J F Wills & Co. In later years, Jan purchased Orion with other business partners and was appointed Managing Director in 2000. In June 2020 Jan stepped back from her Directorship and now assists in managing the office. Jan is responsible for helping to oversee the small but efficient team of staff at Orion, allocating work and clients of Foresters Healthcare & continues to hold the role of Managing Director for La Fraternelle Home Insurance.

Within her spare time, Jan enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren, traversing the online world of video games and keeping up with a multitude of Television Series’. She also has a keen interest in the Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit and avidly seeks out new lore of Tolkien’s work.